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HMS Diana was considered a heavy frigate when built at Randall and Brent shipyard in 1794. They were fast and agile three masted vessels that carried their main armament on one deck. Diana mounted 28 18-pound cannons on her gun deck and a mix of 32-pound Carronades and 9-pound cannons on her quarterdeck and forecastle for a total of 38 cannons and Carronades. The quarterdeck was the principal command center when underway or in port. Underway, the captain and officer of the watch were never far from the quarterdeck. The quarterdeck with its two light weight, but deadly 32-pound Carronades formed an important part of the ship’s armament.

This 1/35 scale kit is a dead on accurate replica of the Diana’s quarterdeck Carronade stations. This model features:

Real Holly strip wood is included for a highly realistic looking deck.
The deck incorporates accurate deck curvature (camber).
All deck furniture such as bitts, hatches, captain’s skylight, ship’s wheel and binnacle (compass cabinet), are precisely scaled modern reproductions of Admiralty drawings.
The double ship’s wheel consists of 29 separate components and is assembled mush as it was in the Royal dockyards to guarantee accuracy.
The binnacle is complete with two compasses and lanterns so the Quartermaster can steer a steady course!
The Quartermaster figurine, which includes a choice of heads, specially sculpted for this kit based on information taken from paintings and drawings at the National Maritime Museum of Great Britain.
The 32-pound Carronades are exact reproductions of the originals, and are complete with all “gunner’s stores,” i.e. rigid and flexible rammers, tackle, cork screws, wad extractors powder cartouches (carrying cases), gun captain’s powder horns and flintlocks.
Wood base not included.

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