Micro Mitre Box with Precision Saws



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The Micro Miter Box with Saws is presented in photo-etched format and is made of stainless steel with high quality materials, therefore that ensures its resistance and longevity, thus complying with the demands of our customer friends. The measurements are reflected in both millimeters and inches.

Contains four essential modeling tools: the mitre, the saw with fine teeth -for plastics-, the saw with coarse toothed -perfect for wood- and the DM base, which is ideal for protecting the area where the cuts are made with the Micro Mitre Box with Saws, also known as the Micro Miter Box.

Regarding the uses of the new Micro Miter Box with Precision Saws from Artesania Latina, it allows both the modeler and the lover of other crafts to perform 45º and 90º exact cuts in materials such as wood and metal.

The cuts in the parts can also have different endings since the objective is always that these ones fit perfectly when, for example, you are building any model. The microo miter box with precision saws is used as a cutting guide for the saw, thus obtaining angular joints in strips, small boards and other parts made of wood and plastic.

How to use this micro miter box with saws? Paint an exact mark that can be seen clearly with a pencil on the part you want to cut, insert it into the miter box and align it with the corresponding groove in the wall of the miter box. Then take the hacksaw and place it in the groove. Move and drag it back and forth across the entire cutting guide. As a consequence, you will get a perpendicular cut and the angle you want.

For optimal use of this Micro Tool for modeling and crafts, it is recommended to incorporate the handle of the Universal Cutter Nº5 or of the Cutting Saw, both for sale separately.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in