NRGB001 Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes


NRGB001 Ship Modeler's Shop Notes

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NRGB001 Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes The Nautical Research Guild’s Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes book is now in the fourth printing. This popular and insightful volume discusses the construction of ship models in numerous articles written by marine historians and ship model builders. Edited by Merritt Edson and assisted by Ben Lankford, Edward Mueller and Norman Rubin, it is a compilation of shop notes and articles from out-of-print material from Nautical Research Journals. This book has been a standard for ship model building, and highly acclaimed by professionals and beginners alike. The material has not gone out of date. The articles are by notables such as Howard I Chapelle, Harold M. Hahn, Michael Costagliola, Ben Lankford, Merritt Edson, Dana McCalip, and many others. There are nearly 170 articles, 9 plans of hull lines and many drawings contained in 216 pages. The format is 8.5 x 11, soft wire-o bound.

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