OcCre Calella


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This is a type of fishing with a firmly routed tradition throughout the Mediterranean, although particularly numerous off the coast of Catalonia, at night and using lights, from whence the name “bots de llum”(light boats). These boats, around 16 feet in length are usually crewed by two men and are mainly used for fishing mackerel and sardine, although they can be used for any other fish or crustaceans that might be attracted by the light shining down from the large gas-lit fanals. One of their particular characteristics are the two large stabilizers “escuas” to limit the rocking of the wave swell, and the replacement of the helm with two ropes that operate the rudder through the fanal support.

Scale 1:15
Height: 7.9 inches
Width: 6.1 inches
Length: 15.4 inches

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 2 in


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