• Fittings

    Fittings (911)

    Wooden model fittings including brass, pewter, plastic, rope, and more.
  • Tools

    Tools (597)

    Our selection of hundreds of scale model tools for your every craft and modeling need.
  • 'Ready to Run' RC Kits

    'Ready to Run' RC Kits (5)

    Model boat kits that require very little building and come with everything necessary for it to run!
  • Amati

    Amati (162)

    Amati Ship Kits, tools, and fittings are imported from Italy. Their product line runs from beginner to advanced ship model kits, as well as some very fine non-ship kits. We also carry a full range of Amati specialty tools, fittings, ship in bottle kits, and figurines.
  • Artesania Latina

    Artesania Latina (2)

    Since 1970, Artesania Latina of Lamadrid, Spain. Manufacturers of wooden model ship kits, R/C, tools and other models.
  • Billing Boats

    Billing Boats (68)

    Billing Boat Ship Kits - Quality Danish ship models since 1958.
  • Blue Jacket

    Blue Jacket (34)

  • Caldercraft

    Caldercraft (31)

    Caldercraft Models of England, historical models since 1988.
  • CCV Models

    CCV Models (3)

    CCV Modelli, manufacturers of wooden model ships from Italy.
  • Constructo

    Constructo (14)

    Founded in 1942, Constructo wooden model ships, a pioneer in Laser-cut technology, has incorporated it to make kit building an easy and enjoyable hobby. The romance of the sea is at your fingertips with every Constructo kit.
  • Corel

    Corel (38)

    Manufacturers of fine wooden model ship kits. Milano, Italy.
  • Cottage Industries

    Cottage Industries (1)

  • Deans Marine

    Deans Marine (24)

    The largest range of model boat kits for R/C in the world.
  • Disar

    Disar (20)

  • Domus Construction Kits

    Domus Construction Kits (91)

    Domus is a manufacturer of  model structure kits, including modern and historical subjects. With Domus kits, you build houses, castles, bridges, and more, brick-by-brick! Kits include scenery, glue, and necessary paints. Building Domus kits is a great pastime for both young and old.
  • Dumas

    Dumas (16)

    For over 60 years known as "The Model Boat People"
  • Dusek

    Dusek (5)

    Historic Ship Kit Manufacturers from the Czech Republic
  • Euromodel

    Euromodel (1)

    Euromodel of Italy has been involved for more than 43 years in the creation of the best of authentic ship models.
  • Flagship Models

    Flagship Models (13)

    Flagship Models Inc. specializes in American Civil War warship and weapons model kits.
  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates (1)

    Purchase a gift certificate in any denomination for you or yours!
  • Krick

    Krick (19)

  • Mamoli

    Mamoli (61)

    For the demanding - high quality shipmodelling
  • Mantua

    Mantua (48)

    Mantua, Sergal & Panart superb wooden model ship kits imported from Italy.
  • Marine Paints

    Marine Paints (47)

    Historically Accurate Marine Paints. Please note that due to printing process limitations and the differences in individual computer screen resolutions, colors may appear different on your monitor than the actual color.
  • Midwest Poducts

    Midwest Poducts (9)

    Maker of RC plane, static boat, other model kits and balsa products.
  • Model Slipway

    Model Slipway (10)

    Scale Model Boat Kits and Ship Models Suitable for Radio Control
  • Mount Fleet Models

    Mount Fleet Models (6)

    Manufacturer of Model Boat Kits, Admiralty Vessels, Tugboats, Fishing Vessels, Drifters, Puffers, Pilotboats all suitable for R/C
  • NCB - Nordic Class Boats

    NCB - Nordic Class Boats (7)

    NCB is a high-end niche producer of beautiful wooden boat kits with a base in ships from the Nordics
  • OcCre

    OcCre (48)

    OcCre Wooden Model Ships. Quality in naval modeling.
  • Panart

    Panart (14)

    Panart is a division of Mantua of Italy
  • Saito

    Saito (15)

  • Sergal

    Sergal (9)

    Sergal is a division of Mantua Models of Italy
  • Shipyard Paper Kits

    Shipyard Paper Kits (45)

    Shipyard Paper Kits Paper model kits make a great inexpensive alternative to wood ship modeling. Shipyard makes some wonderful lighthouse and model ship kits include patterns and colorful sheets of parts with details such as correct planking and treenail patterns already printed on them. Note that many parts need to be glued onto card or paper stock that you’ll have to provide in order to build up their thickness, but the patterns for all the parts are included. Shipyard products fall into four categories: • Paper Models • Modeler Plans • Laser Cut Models • Laser Cardboard Kits Paper Models are in book form and contain patterns for all the parts. Some fittings, such as belaying pins and cannon barrels, must be made or purchased separately. Masts and yardarms may be made from wooden dowels or built up from rolled paper. Modeler Plans are for scratch builders, although the Super Modeler Plans include laser cut parts for building the hull and also include some planking patterns. Plans are also suitable for builders of wood ship models and include all the line drawings necessary including many details not normally provided on ship plans. Laser Cut Models include all parts laser-cut, though some parts may need to be build-up using card or paper stock that you’ll have to create thickness. Laser Cut Cardboard Kits are boxed kits that include not only all parts laser-cut, but also include dowels, cannon barrels, eyebolts, rigging lines, blocks, deadeyes, and even paints and paintbrush. People new to paper models or those wanting to give a nice gift may want to start with one of these since they are more of a complete package.
  • Soclaine Models

    Soclaine Models (14)

    Soclaine are the leading French model ship manufacturers, established since 1980.
  • Trumpeter Models (Plastic)

    Trumpeter Models (Plastic) (5)

  • Turk Model

    Turk Model (7)

    Unique and different wood model ship kits from Turkey.
  • Vanguard Models

    Vanguard Models (5)