Amati Xebec 1753


Amati Sciabecco Historic Pirate Ship Circa 1753

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The Amati Xebec 1753 is a model kit of this famous vessel with lateen sails derived from the Xebec used by the Barbary pirates of North Africa.

The Barbary Pirates operated throughout the Mediterranean and raided Southern Europe from the late 12th to the early 19th centuries. The Xebecs were well known and feared. They were fast and maneuverable with their lateen sails and could be rowed by oars when necessary. The ships were well armed with cannons and swivel guns, and their crews were feared, especially by merchant seafarers who were unlucky enough to spot the distinctive sails coming towards them. Xebecs were also used by the French and the Spanish, to combat the pirates.

The Amati Xebec kit is a wooden model ship kit, armed with 14 cannons and 6 swivel guns. The kit is a typical Amati plank-on-bulkhead kit, featuring laser-cut keel, bulkheads, and sub-decks. Limewood strips are provided for the first layer of hull planking, over which you will apply walnut finish planking. Beechwood is provided for the deck planking, and hardwood dowels are provided for the masts and lateen yards. The kit features wood and metal fittings, including some cast metal parts, photo-etched brass, and laser-cut wood.

Also includes pre-printed flags; sail cloth; and an assortment of rigging line.

Display base and pedestals not included. However, the kit does include a basic wooden display cradle.

Kit includes 4 large sheets of plans, a full-color, 32-page, photo instruction book, but please note: All printed text on the plans and instruction book are in Italian. However, an insert providing all the translated text from the instruction book is included.

Scale 1:60 – Total Length 28.3″ (72cm)

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