Artesania Latina Kids Pirate Ship


Includes 65 parts.
Model Length: 12.8’’ (325 mm)

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Artesania Latina Kids Pirate Ship


Inside the Art and Kids Collection from Artesanía Latina you will find a wide array of historic wooden models for kids. These kits are ideal for introducing children into wood model building and building their creativity and ingenuity.

With this exciting Pirate Ship kit, children over 8 years old with help from adults can get high levels of enjoyment. The kit is easy to assemble with high quality materials, moving parts, decals, glues, kid safe paint, and computer DVD instructions.

This scale model for kids has 65 parts and when it is finished the Pirate Ship is 12.8’’ (325 mm) long. The ultimate building game for kids!


Spanning two centuries, the nautical world suffered the evil hand of pirates, using stolen corsairs and filibusters to illegally acquire the riches brought from the New World to Europe. These bandits of the seas were very prepared to be able to reach, board, steal and even sink the European vessels with untold amounts of wealth.

The pirate ships were very fast, light and efficient. Their crews did not usually exceed fifty members since they did not need more to be able to take the gold and silver from the ships they cornered.

The modus operandi was very common in those days. Any pirate ship was hiding in remote island docks and other places through which ships had to pass. When the optimal opportunity to board them arrived, they chased the ships easily as they were heavily loaded with merchandise and, therefore, were quite a bit slower.

A note: While these kits are intended for kids ages 8 and up it is still recommended that an adult be present while building and painting.

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