Artesania Latina Viking


1:75 Scale
11.53” (293mm) length
14.17” (360mm) height
10.82” (275mm) width

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Artesania Latina Viking


Who has not been astonished to admire these sculptural ships at museums or in movies and to think of the courage of its crew when navigating inhospitable and dangerous seas. Historians believe that the Vikings were the first Europeans to reach America several hundred years before Christopher Columbus!

The Viking ship model from Artesania Latina also has a history. In 1995 it was the first model the company launched in thier acclaimed 19000 series of beginner kits. Today, more than 25 years later, they present a wooden model that has been completely renovated. Designed for those who want to start on a naval modeling journey and those who have previous experience and want to enjoy building a really nice and iconic model.


The renewed wooden model of the Viking at 1:75 scale includes all of the parts of the hull cut by laser on linden wood board. The hull is double-planked first with birch and then with sapelly veneer. The second planking is designed for beginners because it allows hiding any small errors of the first planking.

The Viking modeling kit also includes wood and metal fittings (like the two dragon heads) that give a touch of elegance to the model. Artesania Latina has also included a display base and nameplate for displaying the new Viking. A tradition from this company, a set of beautiful pre-sewn full color sails is included. They have made great efforts with the instructions for the Viking to make building both easy and enjoyable.

The new Viking includes a DVD for computers or laptops (PC or Mac) with complete step-by-step colour instructions widely commented and explained so that the assembly of this model ship kit is easy to understand by all while at the same time being pleasant and enjoyable. It doesn’t include printed instructions. You can also download the digital instructions for free from Artesania Latina’s website.

The choice to not including in the kit a step-by-step on paper was not made lightly. The hesitancy is understandable but they want to make a few things clear: first, the new Viking includes many photos that makes it near impossible to print commercially one step at a time.

In addition, thanks to the PDFs included on the DVD (you can print at home if you wish), you will be able to zoom in and out without losing quality or definition so that all the details are clearly visible. The DVD also makes it possible to include video tutorials for the first time where they show different techniques and tricks of modeling that can not be easily taught through printed manuals.

Once it is assembled, this ship model measures 11.53” (293mm) length, 14.17” (360mm) height and 10.82” (275mm) width.

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