Artesania Latina Schooner Virginia


Length: 21.25″
Height: 19.5″

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Artesania Latina Schooner Virginia


The Virginia is a type of ship known as a ‘schooner’. The history of this kind of ship are found at the beginning of the 19th century. At the time the United States undertook the construction of small ships rigged in schooners, creating vessels of great maneuverability and elegance.

These schooners would be the seed to later US Coast Guard vessels. They had the mission of enforcing the new import and customs laws. The fast Virginia schooner was planned in the year 1819 and was launched later that same year. She was equipped with a central rotating carronade and light weapons, due to her great speed, she was a schooner destined to defend the US maritime borders on interception and pursuit missions of other ships that tried to breach the American coasts.

Get started on this wonderful hobby with this easy to build naval replica for beginners!


This is Artesania Latina’s redesigned 2022 naval model kit of the wooden model ship of the American schooner called Virginia at 1:41 scale. The new design has improved the build quality making it perfect for those just starting in the hobby.

Aimed at modelers who want to get started in naval modeling. This kit is more enjoyable and easy assembly for those with less experience. The kit contains all the high-quality parts for assembly: high-precision laser pre-cut boards, hardwoods such as birch and sapelly for planking, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed, cotton rigging line and brass and die-cast metal parts as well as a slew of photo-etched details.

As a bonus, the wooden ship model includes a wooden display base and a nameplate of the ship. Once it is built, the faithful replica of the American schooner Virginia measures 21.25” (540mm) long, 4.72” (120mm) wide and 19.68” (500mm) tall.

For its assembly you can use Artesania Latina’s very detailed step-by-step multimedia instructions on DVD for computer (PC and MAC). Printed instructions are not included. You can also download the digital instructions for free from Artesania Latina’s website.

A very precise new and improved assembly experience that you will love as a modeler. Build your 1:41 scale model of the Virginia American Schooner!

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