OcCre Belle Poule


Wooden Model Ship ‘Belle Poule” by OcCre
Scale: 1/90
Width: 15.1″ (385mm)
Height: 30.1″ (765mm)
Length: 42.7″ (1085mm)

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Belle Poule Model Ship
Includes a cast plaque with the model’s name
Includes basic construction stand
Includes sails
Step-by-step video tutorials
Instructions in 5 languages
HD step-by-step photos
Parts list with measurements and materials
IP sheet to identify parts
Scale blueprints
High-quality model
Lifetime warranty
The model reproduction is faithful to the original. Our model kits provide all the necessary elements to make the ship model real, down to the most specific naval details you can imagine.

Belle Poule Model Technical Sheet
Scale: 1/90
Width: 15.1″ (385mm)
Height: 30.1″ (765mm)
Length: 42.7″ (1085mm)
Difficulty: Medium
Number of pieces: +6,600
History of the Belle Poule Ship
The “Belle Poule” was a 60-gun French Navy frigate. Frigates were versatile and fast warships designed for speed and maneuverability, performing roles in both combat and exploration.

Frigates like the “Belle Poule” were known for their speed and maneuverability, making them ideal for a variety of tasks, including pursuing and attacking enemy vessels, as well as for exploration and patrol missions.

Although its construction began in 1828, the Belle Poule was not launched until 1834. It was one of the first ships to be built in a covered shipyard, allowing builders to delay construction when political and financial circumstances were unfavorable. Its design was inspired by the USS Constitution frigate class. It was commissioned in July 1835, and displayed quite good sailing properties.

What really made this ship “Belle Poule” famous was the repatriation of Napoleon’s ashes aboard the Belle Poule from the island of Saint Helena to France. An event that will be remembered as it marked the end of the Napoleonic era and left a significant impact on the course of the history of France and Europe.

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