Corel Neptune


Corel Neptune

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Scale of this ship is 1:90. She has a length of 17.5″ and a width of 12.5″ She is a double plank-on-bulkhead kit in lime and walnut strips. Pre-cut plywood frames and subdecks. Cast metal chainplates, rudder hinges, anchors and other fitting components. Detailed ornamentation, it comes with 50 Burnished metal cannons, hardwood blocks and deadeyes, and diameters of rigging, silk-screened flags.

British ship of 58 guns
– The NEPTUNE recogconstructed on the basis of the original models of the yard with perfectly preserved in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, is a vessel 3rd rank (55/60 guns) who participated in the June 2, 1692 bat-
size of La Hougue, where the English fleet, commanded dall’ammi’ray Rooke, defeated the French Admiral Tourville.
The decoration of the NEPTUNE is typical of the real ships of the period and reproduces on a smaller scale, the decorative part of the famous Flagship Prince.

Like other similar ships, the vessel was deeply amended as follows: tree civada then disappeared and were added
you the jib-boom to bowsprit, booms and masts for bouncers velacci the trees of the cage. The NEPTUNE is a faithful 1:90 scale reconstruction of a classic well-armed English vessel of 700 – 58 guns – 26 of which on the lower deck, 24 on the main deck and 8 on the castle stern.

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