OcCre Prinz Eugen German Heavy Cruiser


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Scale:1:200, L: 42.1″ (1070mm), W: 6.9″ (175mm), H: 11.4″ (290mm)
Skill Level: High

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OcCre Prinz Eugen, German Heavy Cruiser – wooden model ship kit

The Prinz Eugen was a heavy cruiser built for the German Kriegsmarine. Launched in 1938, the ship entered service shortly after the outbreak of World War II. The Prinz Eugen was one of five Admiral-Hipper class heavy cruisers, armed with a main battery of eight 8″ guns, mounted in four twin turrets. The ship’s secondary battery consisted of twelve 105mm guns, twelve 37mm guns, eight 20mm guns, and a pair of triple torpedo tubes.

Soon after she entered service, the ship was sent to join the newly completed battleship Bismarck in the Baltic as part of Operation Bheinübung, to break out into the Atlantic to destroy Allied shipping. During the operation the two ships encountered British battlecruisers at what became known as the Battle of the Denmark Strait. It was during this battle, that the ships sank the battlecruiser Hood. After the engagement, the Prinz Eugen managed to break away to conduct attacks on Allied shipping.

Eventually, the ship was assigned to Operation Cerberus to support german operations in Norway, and later to operations in the Baltic, where she served until the end of the war.

The Kit

At 1:200 scale, OcCre’s Prinz Eugen kit is a massive wooden ship model kit that measures just over 42″ long when complete. It is an advanced level kit that includes over 800 different pieces to enjoy building the model. Parts include precision laser-cut wood, detailed castings, and high quality photo-etched brass.

The Prinz Eugen is a wooden kit to be assembled.

Length: 42.1″ (1070mm)
Width: 6.9″ (175mm)
Height: 11.4″ (290mm)
Skill Level: High

– High-quality model.
– FSC or PEFC certified wood.
– High precision cutting.
– Brass photo-etched parts.
– Highly detailed cast parts.
– Step-by-step video tutorials.
– Instructions in 5 languages.
– HD photos step by step.
– Part list with measurements and materials.
– IP card to identify the pieces.
– Scale plans.
– Lifetime warranty.

To make construction even simpler, OcCre has created a series of Youtube videos to help with construction: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Still trying to decide? You can download the instruction separately here: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 4 in