Artesania Latina Santa Ana


Artesania Latina Model Kit “Santa Ana”
Part #AL22905N
Scale:1/84, Length: 46.45” (1180 mm), Height: 34.25” (870 mm), Width: 18.11” (460 mm)


New for 2022! One of the most acclaimed models by our modelers friends returns in a limited edition. The wooden ship model of the Spanish Ship of the line Santa Ana 1805 at 1:84 scale. Fundamental vessel in the Battle of Trafalgar against the English navy at the beginning of the 19th century. Revamped Ship Modeling Kit for Experts… Now available for you to build it !


The renewed naval modeling kit in wood of the famous Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana at scale 1:84, manufactured since 2022, cannot be missing from any modeller’s collection of faithful ship replicas. Our modelers friends have always asked for it to come back to our warehouses. The faithful miniature replica of this fundamental ship in the Battle of Trafalgar is aimed at fans of this hobby with an expert level of skills for the construction of this historic scale model.

The modeler will be able to find in this new limited edition of the kit high quality parts such as solid wood and basswood plywood cut by precision laser, brass photo-etched sheet with details such as lanterns, railings or details of the cannons, sails with cotton fabric -ready to be placed-, cotton threads and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, like a artwork that it is, a wooden exhibition base with nominative metal plate.

There is a DVD for computer (Windows and Mac) with completely redesigned instructions: clarifying step-by-step photographs, as well as demonstrative videos with some of the steps more important. Printed instructions are not included. Remember that you can also download the instructions for free on the product sheet of this model on the Artesanía Latina website.

With this model of the Santa Ana, you can represent the appearance and artillery of the Santa Ana correctly in the battle of Trafalgar. The crowned rampant lion figurehead is a new design. The new artillery, corrected in scale and now much more detailed including photo-etched parts, has the howitzers that the ship carried in Trafalgar. The previous metal boats have been replaced by wooden construction, more realistic.

Once assembled, the model of the Santa Ana (22905-N) measures 46.45” (1180 mm) length, 34.25” (870 mm) height and 18.11” (460 mm) width. Its design by means of false keel and frames brings its assembly closer to that of the real ship.


Discover the Santa Ana naval modeling kit with the wooden model of this famous line ship of the Spanish Navy from the 18th century. Armed with 112 cannons, it was the prototype of a series of 8 identical ships that would constitute the nerve of the Navy.

Built at the Ferrol Shipyards and launched in 1784, it was the first of a series of three-deck ships called the Meregildos. Captained by José Gardoqui, he intervened in the Battle of Trafalgar inflicting heavy punishment on the English ship Royal Sovereign. Attacked by several English ships, he was captured and later saved by the Rayo, Montañés and San Justo, who towed him to Cádiz in the middle of the night. He would end up sinking in Havana, where he had been sent to prevent Napoleon’s troops from capturing it.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in