Artesania Latina Marie Jeanne


length 22.24” (565 mm)
width 4.52” (115 mm)
height 19.48” (495 mm)

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Artesania Latina Marie Jeanne


Climb aboard the Marie Jeanne, a wooden model of a French tuna boat. Dedicated to tuna fishing during the summer through autumn seasons, this fishing ship reached the coast of Mauritania in trips of up to two months, since the tunas are usually far from the coast. Guided by Artesania Latina’s detailed step-by-step instructions you can complete your replica of this beautiful fishing boat.

Leaving the French port of Concarneau the Marie Jeanne sailed the seas between 1900 and 1950. Tuna fishing requires a strong and fairly fast boat to keep up with the migration of the fish and the at times rough seas. In the beginning these ships were built for other tasks, but were usually too heavy.

At the end of the 19th Century new types of fishing ships were developed. They were smaller with large sails. The advances of technology and the tendency towards motor propulsion systems contributed to the dwindling use of these elegant fishing boats with multi-colored sails.


Build your 1/50 scale model of the Marie Jeanne, a traditional French tuna fishing boat. The modeler will use false keel and frames construction methods for the assembly of your model similar to the construction of the real ship.

The modeling kit contains a set of laser- cut boards, wood planking, brass and cast metal parts, plus a set of pre-sewn cotton sails, detailed color imaging instructions and a complete set of scale drawings of the model on computer DVD.

For the assembly you can follow our complete colour guide step-by-step in 4 languages on DVD format.

This model is recommended for modelers with basic knowledges of tools and materials, as well as for those who want a good introduction to the art of rigging.

The kit does not include printed instructions. You can download the files from the included DVD or from Artesania Latina’s website.

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