Artesania Latina Soleil Royal


Scale 1:72
Length 36.13” (93.5 cms)
Height 34.29” (87.5 cms)
Width 11.7” (28.5 cms).


Artesania Latina Soleil Royal

Embark on adventure with the French gun vessel Soleil Royal who was part of King Louis XIV Navy. Artesanía Latina is happy to bring you this beautiful 1/72 scale wooden miniature warship replica that you can build with your own hands, but first take a deep dive into a brief historical background.

The Soleil Royal was a French ship off the line with 104 guns. She was the flagship of Admiral Tourville.The Soleil Royal was built in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by the engineer Laurent Hubac, and launched in 1669, unfortunately she remained unused in the port of Brest for many years.

Later, the Soleil Royal was put into service with 112 guns and a 1,200 man crew on board when the Nine Years War broke out in 1688. Her role was fundamental as the flagship of the Escadre du Ponant (West Squad). She was said to be a fine sailing ship and her decorations were among the most beautiful and elaborate of all Baroque vessels. The emblem of the ‘Sun’ (Soleil) had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol.

Now, you can build this magnificent 1:72 scale ship model with the new Soleil Royal naval modeling kit from Artesanía Latina. Pay attention to all of its contents below and you won’t be able to resist building your wooden model.

The model kit of the Soleil Royal French warship is at a 1/72 scale and is one of the most detailed on the market. This faithful museum quality replica of the ship in line of to the King of France Louis XIV has a large number of decorative details both on the stern and on the bow, as well as throughout the entire deck. Artesania Latina modelers have followed all of the available information for the design and creation of this marvel of naval modeling.

The wooden model of the Soleil Royal includes hundreds of laser cut plywood and solid wood parts, as well as all die-cast and photo-etched metal parts, and a complete set of pre-sewn sails ready to be placed. All this provides the ship more authenticity.

The advanced modeler, to whom this spectacular model is aimed, will also find premium quality wooden pieces and two free bonuses included ! A wooden base with a metal name plate and a set of twelve figurines of the Soleil Royal crew to be assembled and painted, which will give this naval jewel even more realism than there would be without them.

This same ship modeling enthusiast will discover an improved and user-friendly construction experience, especially by paying attention to the guide included in the kit with detailed, step-by-step instructions, and almost 400 pages including thousands of images. On top of that, the video tutorials will show you how to solve some of the trickier tasks. Instructions are in computer DVD format, no printed instructions are included.

Once the wooden model of the Soleil Royal has been built, it has the following dimensions: Length 36.13” (93.5 cm) x Height 34.29” (87.5 cm) x Width 11.7” (28.5 cm).

Please note that this kit does not contain any physical instructions ro diagrams. All materials can be downloaded from the included disc or for free from Artesania Latina’s website.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 in