Amati Victory Models HMS Vanguard 1787


Amati Victory Models HMS Vanguard

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Amati Victory Models HMS Vanguard 1787, 3rd Rate Arrogant Class, 74 Gun Ship of the line. Detailed model of one of the most famous 74 gun ships. The kit reproduces the HMS Vanguard at the Battle of the Nile under the command of Horatio Nelson.

Included in this kit are the options to build the HMS Elephant, the HMS Vanguard, or the HMS Bellerophon. The kit includes figureheads and decorations for all three vessels. Features 20 sheets of plans with full English instructions describing every detail of each stage of the main construction sequence along with histories of the three vessels that are included.

Scale is 1:72 Length 46″ Width 19″ Height 35″

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