Artesania Latina La Cancalaise


Scale 1:50
Length 25.6″
Height: 20.3″

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The Cancalaise is a replica of the bisquine built in 1987 in Cancale. The fishing boat is rigged in a three-pole fishing tongue with one-third sails.

The Cancalaise is the fishing boat with more candles of France and was sent the 18 of April of 1987. It belongs to the Association Bisquine Cancalaise, created in 1984, that had set out to construct and to sail a bisquine. The Cancalaise is the authentic reconstruction of the La Perle canopy (1905) whose planes were taken out of the shipwreck in 1958 by Jean Le Bot.

The bisquine is a working boat known for its stability and powerful under the sails during regattas between the fishermen of Granville and Cancale for the glory and fame of their native cities. It is characteristic of the Mont Saint-Michel region between Saint-Malo and Granville in France in the 19th century.

This type of boat used to dredge oysters in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, trawling, and for larger, fishing lines. The horns had disappeared completely, but the enthusiasts promised to revive them in Cancale and Granville. This construction project began at the shipyard Cancale in 1985. The Cancalaise was launched on 18 April 1987. It is the most important rig of all traditional boats.

La Cancalaise participates in maritime festivals for traditional sailing and regatta crafts on the French Atlantic coast. In season, if not in navigation, La Cancalaise is anchored in the cove of Port-Mer north of Cancale. For the winter it is disarmed. It is possible to navigate La Cancalaise by contacting the association of the boat.


Build your scale model 1/50 La Cancalaise, the model of the famous French boat. Its construction system using false keel and frames about the assembly of the miniature to the construction of the real vessel.

Once finished, the model is 25.59” (650 mm) long, 20.27” (515 mm) high and 3.93” (100 mm) wide. Logically, as it has been customary by Artesanía Latina for years, the naval modeling kit of La Cancalaise is made of wood and it has cotton sails ready to be placed. Step-by-step instructions on DVD for computer (Windows and Mac). The kit does not include printed instructions.

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