La Cancalaise

Artesania Latina La Cancalaise


La Cancalaise

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It appeared in the ports of Cancale and Granville around 1850. In the half century that followed, the La Cancalaise underwent considerable transformation. The vessel is noted for its unique shape, the audacity of its rigging and the elegance of its masts and spars.

Cast metal fittings
Brass parts
Ramin, Ottone, Sapelli, and Africano wooden planks and other wooden fittings
Cotton thread in several sizes and colours
Pre-cut hull skeleton frames
Full photographic and written instructions
Wooden display base included.

Length: 25 9/16 (650mm)
Height: 20 3/11 (515 mm)
Width: 3 16/17 (100mm)
Scale: 1:50 6/25 = 1 Ft.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 17 x 3 in


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